Happy Week of the Young Child!

It's the National Association of the Education for Young Children's "Week of The Young Child." What does this mean? It's a time for us, educators, to promote and showcase high quality programmes. In Jamaica it isn't that much of a big deal but guess what? I'm making it a big deal; I'll continue to acknowledge the Association's efforts and plan my own little campaign here on the rock. How exactly? Well, in this blog I'm going to share what we really do at Fundaciones El Centro and Montego Bay. Firstly, who am I? And what role do I play in the grand scheme of things at Fundaciones? I'm Rachael McDonald. The head cook and bottle washer; creator; director; boss and all that jazz. Get the picture? I'm the captain of a ship called Fundaciones. Fundaciones weathers the seas amidst all types of rough, stormy even calm weather. Fundaciones has the best programmes, the best team and of course the best children and parents. What do we really do? We… operate two centres that offer a bilingual preschool programme and also a variety of after school programmes for children 18 months through to 18 years. No, we're not a full school. In Jamaica, this means that we are a preschool in the mornings and after school centre in the evenings and on weekends. Ok, simpler still?! We are a glorified one stop extra lessons shop. FYI…I dislike the phrase "extra lessons" simply because we are more than what your first reaction to "extra lessons" is. We supplement programmes. We introduce concepts. We promote critical thinking. We give parents what they want and children what they need. We are FUNDACIONES (by the way that's Spanish for ‘foundations'). We have set out to revolutionize Jamaican education. We want a nation of thinkers and creators who are passionate and can articulate well. As naïve as it sounds, my team and I really believe that we are the change makers. We educate. We mould lives. We make a difference. We get kids of all ages to ‘learnthefun.' We believe children learn through a variety of hands-on and meaningful activities. We like mess. We like sounds. We like to move. We like to observe. We like to learn (and learnthefun-damentals). We believe in a solid grasp of the fundamentals (in any and all subject areas); we believe in the value of second language learning; we believe in technology as a teaching tool; and we believe that play is essential to child development. Enough said. Fundaciones offers high quality programmes for children. Happy Week of the Young Child!

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