Christmas Drawing Competition

Fundaciones' Annual Christmas Drawing Competition is open. Every year since 2009 our children enter the Christmas Drawing Competition. Kids of all ages submit Christmas drawings and the successful participants have their designs turned into Christmas gift wrapping paper, called The Giving Paper. ALL proceeds from the sale of The Giving Paper go towards the purchase of well needed equipment and supplies for Pediatric Wards in Jamaica. In the past we have managed to purchase a gurney, pins, cables and last year an intravenous infusion pump. These have all been donated to the University Hospital of the West Indies' Pediatric Wards. This year, we opened our second school in Montego Bay, Jamaica. As such we will be making donations to the Pediatric Wards at Cornwall Regional Hospital and again to the University Hospital of the West Indies. Our Christmas Drawing Competition officially opened on Monday, October 28th 2013. Here's How To Enter: On a piece of white paper (preferably a half of a full scap piece of paper), create colourful Christmas designs. Ensure that the child's name is at the bottom right. Submit drawings to one of our centers. The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 8th 2013. Winners will be announced shortly after the competition closes. Let us promote compassion and empathy in our children and at the same time, encourage their creativity. Support this initiative. Please hand in designs at: Fundaciones (El Centro) 8 Hillcrest Avenue Kingston 6 927-9884 Fundaciones (Montego Bay) Unit #20 Bogue City Centre Bogue, St. James 971-0476 #learnthefun

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