October in Al Mundo

Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Family members near and far - HOLA. Thanks for taking the time to actually pull this blog up and to read it :) October has been an amazing month with our little ones. Generally, this is a very busy month because we always do two themes: Jamaica & Our Heritage up to mid-term (since we break for Heroes Day) and then after, Pumpkins & The Color Orange. We did this again and everyone LOVED it. We survived. Two dress up days in one month! Yay! Parents, kids & teachers made it! Learning about our country and our heritage is always fun. It's even more fun for us as educators to brainstorm hands-on activities and develop strategies for implementing them. We too get bored, doing the same activities year after year and search for more hands-on and interactive ways to filter information. This was the case again and some team members outdid themselves with activities like breaking free from shackles using velcro strips around their ankles (pretend play mixed with motor skill development) as we learnt about slavery and freedom and even doing the Jamaican dance "Signal di Plane" as we learnt about Norman Manley (get it..Norman Manley International Airport?) But, I think "Hol' him Joe" was the biggest hit and it was especially great for me to get phone calls and messages from parents sharing in the excitement as kids sang at home.   We ended this theme with our Heritage Day on October 18th when our kids dressed up and depicted various aspects of our heritage. That's always fun since we all love to dress up. We saw Indians, Chinese, lots of lovely Jamaican children clad in bandana and even a little Dutch boy at our Kingston location. Thanks to our parents and other family members who stopped by and shared with us: - Grandma Stephanie Scott, Aunty Chrissy Scotty & Aunty Lyndsey McDonnough - Aunty Monique Walcott - Aunty Saloni Kumar for sharing wonderful Indian treats with Team El Centro - Aunty Kyanne Jackson - Aunty Mary Whittingham - Aunty Paula Dawson - Uncle Gwayne, Aunty Simone Murdock & Grandma Murdock for sharing items for our display in Kingston - Aunty Allison Wedderburn for sharing resources and a large portion of our display in Kingston - Aunty Dahlia Gillings McBean for sharing a lovely Trinidadian story with our 3 year olds - Uncle Steven Newland for reading to our 3 year olds - Aunty Poonam & Uncle Jeetu for sharing Indian music and dance with Team Mobay - Aunty Rhondia & Uncle Kirk Reid for sharing bread pudding, dookunu and gizzada with Team Mobay - Our team for sharing items, getting dressed up and creating a vibe And special thanks to Mrs. Pat Cuffe, formerly of the Jamaica Library Service for reading to us at El Centro. We are still singing and humming "when we rafting on the Rio Grande oh hoy." It's always great to get our families and friends involved especially since we believe in the saying "It takes a village to raise a child." Please keep supporting us, we are happy to always have you around. After Heritage excitement we got lots and lots of pumpkins (and even some hay from Uncle Ryan Darby). Choosing pumpkins, feeling them, rolling them, trying to lift them up, digging their insides out, smelling them (even a rotten pumpkin in Montego Bay), crushing them, planting their seeds, taking pieces of pumpkin home, charting their growth on vines and not trees, painting with pieces of pumpkins, and whatever else we did with pumpkins that I'm probably forgetting was fun. It was funny to see some kids refuse to put their hands inside the pumpkins and others having to be pulled away from pumpkins and their insides. Costume Day last Thursday was perhaps the best day though, as our little ones LOVED dressing up as fairies, superheroes, pirates, even garbage collectors. No one cried, no one fussed, everyone came to school happy and excited to show off their costumes. October has ended and time is flying. We are learning and growing and look forward to your continued support this month as we explore The Family and celebrate National Parents' Month. Thanks for your continued support. Rachael #LEARNTHEFUN    

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