Back to School Shopping Guide

DSC_0017 It's almost time. Some of you are literally counting down the days, others are nervously anticipating the start to something new and different. Regardless of your expectations it's time to get the ball rolling. Here is my official guide to getting the stuff you need to ring in the new school year with FUNDACIONES. Starting this immediately, by the way, is a good idea. 1. Backpack You're little one may still be a baby but is going off to preschool, prekindergarten & / or kindergarten. Giving him a backpack that he can actually get used to carrying is important. Baby bags are bulky and not easy for a little person to carry. Remember that part of the going to school process is about gaining independence and being able to do simple tasks and carrying your own bag is one of them. 2. Lunchbag & Waterbottle Every little person has a special diet and needs to carry his food items in his own bag. We recommend a separate bag just to carry food. There are often spills and leakages that cause havoc in the backpack or baby bag. Let's separate stuff from early so that your little one knows where things go. 3. Labels All belongings must be labeled. Many parents have similar tastes and buy the same looking bags and sometimes writing your child's name on the inside of the bag isn't very helpful to our Nursie, teacher and or assistant who is determined to "grab and go" when she needs to. Please be mindful of this and ensure that all belongings are labeled easily and that labels are visible. There's quite a variety of labels available online that offer custom styles. 4. White polo shirts Yes, I'm anal about uniforms. Sorry! We have always gone with a white polo shirt as our school uniform just because it's cool and it's easy to launder. Yes, I repeat. It is easy to launder. Ever heard of blue soap (available at almost any and every Jamaican supermarket), bleach and sunlight? Works wonders and like a charm. 5. Shoes & Socks We encourage white socks and any type of closed toe shoes (Crocs are included). We do this simply because when kids leave our programmes and move onto "big" school they will be wearing shoes and socks. Additionally shoes and socks minimize the bruises and scrapes that are inevitable with play. 6. If you're in our Prekindergarten and Kindergarten programme we definitely encourage you to have your child choose his selection of pencils and crayons. These you may not need in school but we give homework that will require these instruments. It's easy..see. Back to school shopping for Fundaciones parents is not a stress! My favorite go to places to get supplies for back to school are: Fontana in Kingston & Montego Bay Growing Minds, on Goodwood Terrace off Constant Spring Road in Kingston Be True in Barbican Centre Azans Super Centre in Cross Roads, Kingston I also love, you may too. Happy Shopping!

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