Get Ready For Back To School

Get Ready for Back to School! The countdown to Back to School has officially begun. Here are our recommendations as you get ready for this milestone.
  1. Schedule a doctor's visit The law requires all children to be cleared medically fit to attend school. Please ask your child's pediatrician to write us a letter certifying him as fit and healthy for school.
  2. Buy basic necessities such as backpack, lunchbag, waterbottle, labels, school uniforms, etc. (see our "Back to School Shopping Guide" on the blog page of our website).
  3. Brainstorm lunch options Kids are fussy eaters and being at school can often complicate their eating patterns. As such, it's important to brainstorm a variety of healthy lunch options for your little ones. If you're enrolled at our El Centro location, the eateries there (Café El Centro, Tea Tree Creperie & Fromage Gourmet Market) have specially prepared kiddie lunch options that are available exclusively for our little ones.
  4. Talk with your child about going to school Avoid waiting until the night before to get your child mentally prepared for this milestone. It's important to give each child time to process and digest what will be different.
  5. Attend a back to school read aloud session In anticipation of this, our centres will host a back to school read aloud session for little ones on the first Saturday in September.
  6. Start getting kids to bed early – mimic the back to school routine "Early to bed, early to rise." This is important as we want children well rested and ready for school. The sooner they are in sync with this pattern is the better it is for you (parents) and for us at school.
  7. Attend orientation If you're new to our centres and/or have concerns about back to school try to attend our orientation session.
  8. Secure finances This year we've partnered with AAA Financial Services to offer you finance packages aimed at making this year's back to school easy and stress free. Call Sheriann at 908-3508/ 754/3595/ 754-9638
  9. Call us, text us, email us (just get a hold of us) if you have any questions and/or concerns

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