Happy National Parents' Month!

Parent's Month Newsletter copy 2Happy National Parents' Month! This is the month we salute you: our mummies, daddies, stepparents, grandmas, grandpas and even godparents. Your roll in raising our children is significant and of course no easy feat. We acknowledge all that you do and we continue to commend and encourage you throughout your parenting journeys. Team Fundaciones believes in the value of a positive home-school relationship and knows that parents, childrens' primary caregivers, ought to be supported. In keeping with this year's theme "Transforming Families Through: Communication Awareness Resources and Education" (CARE) we look forward to using our social media avenues to share resources with you now and through out the year. Please tune into our various social media avenues for support: Email - info@learnthefun.com Facebook – El Centro JM Twitter - @elcentrojm Instagram - @learnthefun You Tube – learn the fun www.learnthefun.com #learnthefun   Tía Rachael's Recommended Reads "The 5 Love Languages of Children" by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell "Bébé Day by Day" by Pamela Druckerman "French Kids Eat Everything" by Karen Le Billon   Think on this: Can technology be used to support parenting? What support do you need on your parenting journey? Please share your thoughts with us via social media and remember to use our hashtag #learnthefun     12 Spanish Phrases to use with your child 1. Hola hola coca cola --- oh-la oh-la coca cola --- Hello 2. Lávate las manos --- lah-vah-teh las mah-nos --- Wash your hands 3. Bebe agua –-- beh-beh ah-gwah --- Drink water 4. Come todo --- coh-meh toe-doh --- Eat up 5. Párate --- pah-rah-teh – Stop 6. Mira --- mee-rah-the --- Look 7. Escucha bien --- es-coo-cha bee-en --- Listen well 8. Abre los ojos --- ab-reh los oh-hos --- Open your eyes 9. Pónte los anteojos --- pon-teh los an-teh-oh-hos --- Put on your glasses 10. Dilo --- dee-lo --- Say it 11. Cántalo --- can-tah-loh --- Sing it 12. Cuidado --- quee-dah-doh --- Careful

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