Rachael's Rants about Resolutions

  2014-Fundaciones-Kingston-Revised-Schedule 2014-MoBay-Revised_Fundaciones-Schedule   A new year has different meanings for parents and caregivers. You give plenty thought to what you can really ‘do' for your children. You resolve to spend more time with them, to get them the support they need, to find activities that will engage and challenge them. You resolve to ‘do' any and every thing for their benefit. And.. in no time, you give in to the various logistical, financial, emotional, and even physical challenges that appear almost out of nowhere bringing the ‘new' year to an end. The energy, passion and desire that once guided you have disappeared. You think you've erred tremendously. But you, the so-called ‘bad parent,' have only failed to follow a few suggestions that Fundaciones' director, Rachael McDonald, feels are important. Remember the thing about learning is  "it doesn't happen at the same time, in the same place with the same people." So if you're battling these feelings, there's still time to get back on track and rework those resolutions for your children. Here goes:
  1. Ask why? This is a simple, commonly used, meaningful question. Why do you want her to do Spanish and not French? Why do you want him to do the CSEC Math exam in fourth form? Why do they need to do GSAT prep everyday? In answering or even attempting to answer these questions you begin to realize and to shape your real desires for your children.
  2. Discuss it. There are instances when your own wants don't match your children's needs and there are times when your children are uninformed about the chosen programme, activity and subsequent course of action. This can lead to lots of resentment and your child's inability to perform. Remember why you want your child to do it and talk about these reasons.
  3. Schedule wisely. There are only 24 hours in a day. This does not mean that every hour ought to be compensated with an activity. It's important to remember that children need time to be children. They too get tired and can suffer from burn out. When this happens the consequences are always negative.
  4. Get details. Sometimes your ideas about a session aren't the same as the provider's nor the same as your child's. It's important to know and understand what the session looks and feels like so as to prevent likely confusion and disinterest later on. Stay in the know.
  1. Budget.  Money definitely doesn't grow on trees. Therefore, planning to participate suggests deciding if you can afford to and also involves the need to plan how and when you're going to pay. An inability to pay can lead to lots of stirred up emotions that are later reflected in the child, activity provider and even in you.
And so, the reality is that your child will probably not participate in every activity you've imagined since the start of the year for a variety of different reasons. But you should still feel confident knowing that you've arrived at a decision that has been carefully thought out and as such your child is where she needs to be (literally and figuratively). Fundaciones offers a variety of programmes, services and activities for children aged 18 months – 18 years in Kingston, Montego Bay and across the Caribbean. Fundaciones Limited 8 Hillcrest Avenue. Kingston 6. Jamaica, W.I. 876-927-9884 or Unit #20, Bogue City Centre. Bogue, Montego Bay. St. James. Jamaica, W.I. 876-971-0476 #learnthefun

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