Summer Camp 2015, Blog Post Number 2 by our Director, Rachael McDonald

2Lab-Rats-Summer-Camp-2015 I've been doing camps since 1997. My life has revolved around their planning and execution ever since I did my CXCs. Things have never been the same since that first year of camp. From Kiddie Kingdom -> extra lessons -> America Reads -> East End Elementary -> Hillel -> Basseterre -> El Centro -> Montego Bay; I can't begin to explain how each venture has played a role in the development of this year's camps. This will be my 19th year of camps and I'm grateful that Team Fundaciones will be hosting its 7th camp in Kingston at El Centro and the 3rd camp in Montego Bay. Of course our demographic has demanded two camps this year and on the agenda we have: - Kiddie Camp for kids 18 months – 4 years - Lab Rats Camp for children 5 years – 12 years Both camps will run simultaneously Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. between July 6th – 31st 2015 at a cost of USD85 per week. Fret not, we have sibling discounts and special drop in rates available but spaces are very limited. Our Kiddie Camp will have lots of sensory stimulation and bilingual learning opportunities while Lab Rats Camp will foster critical thinking skills through an exposure to the Scientific Method. Both camps will promote concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM). If you're familiar with our centres, you'll know that we're all about hands-on activities. You can definitely look forward to your children engaging in some of the following: Classifying Climbing Collecting Colouring Concluding Counting Creating Cutting Discovering Discussing Eating Estimating Growing Guessing Heating Inventing Jumping Listening Looking Measuring Moulding Observing Painting Patting Planting Pouring Predicting Pressing Questioning Reasoning Recording Repeating Running Shaking Singing Smelling Sorting Squeezing Stirring Swinging Swiping Tasting Testing Typing Thinking Weighing Wondering Writing Get your kids ready to come camp with us, as we get ready for them to #learnthefun

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