"Oh, The Things Kids Do"

Another Fundaciones child has showcased compassion, demonstrated teamwork and acted with love. A few weeks ago we shared details about 5 year old Fundaciones PreKindergarten student Elijah Cunningham who was in the midst of rallying support along with his classmates and teacher for a family of ten who had lost their home to a fire. Yesterday, Friday, June 19th Elijah and his classmates culminated their efforts and handed over boxes and bags of clothing, toys, books, pots, pans, plates and household items to Dave Cox and his family. IMG_2703IMG_2702-2 Elijah, who was a bit shy during the handover, was more concerned with packing the items in the car and having his classmates engage in the photo opp. Today the Fundaciones family celebrates Elijah for his empathy, leadership skills and genuine humility. IMG_2705IMG_2701IMG_2704 "These are traits that we want to foster more of in our kids" says Fundaciones director, Rachael McDonald. "These are the traits we love to find in and among our Fundaciones kids." "Congrats Elijah Cunningham. We are so happy with what you've managed to achieve at this tender age and are more grateful to have been able to facilitate this amazing project" commented McDonald. A special thank you to all the parents and children who participated in this #KidsHelpingKids initiative. IMG_2706 Keep reading for comments below: "What Elijah has done has made me realize that it is not always the parent that teaches the child. The result of his unprompted kindness and compassion has reminded me how powerful and beautiful a thing it is to show love to someone without expecting anything in return. I could not be prouder." - Glaister Cunningham, Elijah's Father "Thank you for teaching us and inspiring all you've come in contact with, about the importance of compassion and empathy. We are glad we could play a small role in your generous and selfless act. I hope you will continue to be a beacon of light for those young and old. I'm so proud of all that you have done and all that you will do." - Jodi-Ann McFarlane, Educational Concierge at Fundaciones El Centro "Well done Eli! Thanks for including the entire class in this project. We enjoyed it a lot and had fun practicing our sorting skills." -  Nakesha Pyne, PreKindergarten & Kindergarten Teacher at Fundaciones El Centro "So proud of my godson! He saw a family in need and initiated the collection to replenish their loss. Great job Eli!" - Lisa Hogarth, God Mother of Elijah & Parent at Fundaciones El Centro "You are an amazing and truly special child Elijah. Thank you for sharing and spreading your light, love and joy to everyone." - Hyacinth McDonald, Grandma - Fundaciones El Centro

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