Get Out The House (Jamaican Outdoor Activities For Your Kids)

Here are some suggestions written by our director, Rachael McDonald on ways to get your kids outside your home. Happy Reading!Read her blogs here.IMG_4081 The reality is that it's always been hot. But strangely we don't seem to remember the heat of summers gone. Even though we rub cocoa butter on scars that were created years ago from our own adventures in nature while scolding our children to go outside and play. So, enjoy a few of my suggestions on what kids can do outside. 1. Play iSpy 2. Swing (on an old tyre hanging from a tree limb) 3. Climb a tree 4. Use sidewalk chalk 5. Ride your bicycle (without training wheels, get ready to teach your kids) 6. Take a drive in a big yellow bus (sorry, but you'll have to be involved) 7. Play with bubbles 8. Cloud gaze 9. Bird watch 10. Play 1 2 3 Red Light 11. Look for peenie wallies (evening time is perfect and of course the farther you are from the city you are is better) 12. Fly a kite (it may not be kite flying season but it's been super windy) 13. Pick mangoes and then eat some 14. Read a book outside 15. Visit the parish library 16. Skip rope 17. Play board games on the verandah 18. Bounce marbles & play jacks 19. Jump hop scotch 20. Play ring games (Punchinello and Bull-In-The-Pen are two Jamaican favorites) 21. Make paper planes 22. Catch lizards (yes, they'll need to get over that fear) 23. Visit a river 24. Make a slingshot and try using it (avoid being near to glass windows and of course other children) 25. Play Chinese Skip (please bring home lots of elastic bands) 26. Go to the beach 27. Wheel an old tyre around the yard 28. Roll in the grass (this is especially fun if you're on a gentle slope) 29. Run wild 30. Play hide and seek Go play too. It's fun and a sure way to burn some calories.

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