The 2015 Giving Paper

It's that time of year when we show everyone how compassionate and creative our children are.

For the 7th consecutive year, children across the island (this time in four different parishes) entered their drawings in Fundaciones' Annual Christmas Drawing Challenge. The successful participants have had their designs placed on this year's sheet of gift wrapping paper, known commonly as "The Giving Paper."

These participants are:

Scarlett Rose

Mattea Issa

Jacob Lui-Lyn

Sowndar Va

Maria Greenland

Isabelle Simandan

Thandie Sampson

Emma Perez

Emily Black

Izabellah Azan


Savannah McIntosh

Keira Mathur

Joanna Powers

Madison Moe

This year's winner is Maria Greenland, a nine year old student at Hopefield Prep, who participates in after school programmes at our Fundaciones' El Centro location. Her piece entitled "A Pitchy Patchy Christmas" is her interpretation of a Jamaican Christmas with jonkanoo. Congratulations to Maria and to all our participants!

2015 giving paper

The sheets go on sale this Friday, November 27th 2015 at our centres. Each sheet costs $100 and ALL proceeds go towards the purchase of well needed supplies at the paediatric wards at the University Hospital of the West Indies and towards helping Kamal, a 6 year old living with cerebral palsy who needs to begin therapy in western Jamaica.

Feel free to get a hold of us. Reserve your sheets. Ask how else you can help with this kids helping kids initiative.



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