Supporting Our Children

So we've sent our children off to school. We've paid our fees, spent money on supplies and uniforms, booked a driver to assist with the drop offs and pick ups and we think that we have done our duties as parents and guardians. Regrettably no!

Our duties aren't quite finished, instead our to do list is getting longer and it's now time for us to ensure that we give our children support academically and socially. These are important aspects that promote success and are vital to child development.

If you're still reading this and you're wondering what else you can / should do, here are a few of our suggestions:

Academic Support                                                                                            Social Support 

- Discover                                                                                                        - Listen
Discover your child's learning style.                                                                 Set individual time to listen to what your child has to share. 

- Connect                                                                                                        - Encourage
Make yourself available for school & teachers.                                                Provide opportunities & feedback

- Ask                                                                                                                 - Model 
Find out if there's a problem & how it can be fixed.                                         Consistently model best practices. 

- Share                                                                                                            - Communicate 
Tell the school when things don't go as planned.                                            Talk. Ask, whatsapp, email, message. 

The gang at Fundaciones is seriously committed to helping our families through a variety of after school programmes that include: 

- Homework Club
- Tutoring 
- Kiddie Spanish & French 
- High School Spanish & French 
- Reading

There's plenty more FUN stuff too, just talk with us. 

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