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We do education. Fundaciones is Spanish for "fundamentals" and describes perfectly what students and even teachers have learnt at our centres, through our programmes and activities and also under our tutelage. Today, we are happy to empower children and educators to adopt a growth mindset, assume power in the present and to use their potential to make a difference in the world.

Our Story

Fundaciones began in 2008 when our founder & CEO, Rachael McDonald, formally committed to starting a business that was centred around her love for children and passion for Spanish. In just under a year, Fundaciones opened its doors on Hillcrest Avenue in Kingston, referred to as El Centro, now the company’s corporate office.

El Centro was conceptualized as an after school centre for children up to 18 years old. A pioneer in the children’s and educational industry, Fundaciones offered a gamut of things for kids to do and as the programme line up grew, so too did student numbers. Language sessions, GSAT help, Art & Craft clubs, College Prep programmes and even Jamaica’s first hands-on Science session were synonymous with the organization.

The positive reception by the Kingston community and responses to parental wishes prompted the launch of the bilingual early childhood programme in September 2010. The success with young children translated to the launch of Fundaciones’ second location in Western Jamaica in January 2013.

Fundaciones offers programmes across the island and Caribbean that include teacher support and trainings. Today the organization is proud to add in company day care operations to its profile offering support to company’s seeking to boost employee retention.