About Us

Fundaciones is Spanish for "foundations" and describes perfectly what students learn at our centres and in our sessions. With a trained team, that encourages critical thinking and learning in hands-on ways, our supportive family atmosphere encourages students to develop skills needed in today's constantly changing global village.

Our Vision

To provide children living in the Caribbean, safe & supportive environments that inspire and motivate, encourage critical thinking, collaboration, creativity & communication while promoting a love for learning.

Our Mission

Our team of dynamic, passionate, up-to-date, fun and results oriented educational practitioners work with all stakeholders to ensure that children up to 18 years develop the skills necessary to become independent learners who will contribute responsibly in the global community.

Methods & Philosophy

Our methodology sets us apart. We teach the fundamentals using music, movement, rhymes, chants, art & craft. The result? Almost always absolutely crazy but fun! We also sensitize children to the differences that exist in our world by encouraging them to be more socially receptive and tolerant citizens. This is especially fun when kids are exposed to a second language.

"My wish is that all children at our centres learn how to reason and think through situations, and of course learn a second language."

-Rachael McDonald (Founder and Director)

Who We Are?

We're a team of educators who are passionate about education and our role in it. We love children and value each as curious individuals who are capable of learning the fundamentals in dynamic and memorable ways. We believe in compassion and are also continuously in pursuit of learning more. We rely on and love making connections with others in our field. In November 2016, we sent the first team of five to the largest gathering of early childhood practitioners in the world, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)'s Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California where the gang connected, learnt, imparted and shared. We are happy to say we continue to send team members overseas where learning remains at the forefront.

The Road So Far

Fundaciones began in 2008 when our director, Rachael McDonald, formally committed to starting a business that was centred around her love for children and Spanish. In just under a year, Fundaciones opened its headquarters on Hillcrest Avenue, Kingston 6, referred to as El Centro.
El Centro was conceptualized as an after school centre for kids up to 18 years old. A pioneer in the children's and educational industry through offering a gamut of things for kids to do, the programme line up grew along with student numbers. Language sessions, GSAT help, Art & Craft clubs, College Prep programmes and even Jamaica's first hands-on Science session were synonymous with the organization.
The positive reception by the Kingston community and responses to parental wishes prompted the launch of the bilingual early childhood programme in September 2010.
This success with young children translated to the launch of Fundaciones' second location in western Jamaica. In January 2013, Fundaciones moved spaces in Montego Bay to a location triple the size that now accommodates the increase in student interest and numbers. In August 2018, Fundaciones in Kingston moved locations to a space that houses the company's headquarters and school.
Fundaciones offers programmes across the island and Caribbean that include teacher support and trainings. Today the organization is proud to add day care set up and management to it's profile with another recent launch, this time in a call centre in Kingston.
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Our Team

Rachael McDonald
Founder, Director and Teacher

Edu-preneur. Children's advocate. Innovative educator. Mover & shaker in Jamaica's educational transformation.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Allegheny College and a Master of Science in Education from Nova Southeastern University, Rachael is Fundaciones' founder and director.

She is relentless in promoting Fundaciones' unique and stimulating educational programmes. Rachael loves a challenge and believes that a good foundation with a solid grasp of a second language are key ingredients to preparing individuals for life in today's global village.

Danielle Effs
Educational Concierge, Montego Bay

Danielle is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies with a major in Accounting. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration programme also at the University of the West Indies and is the Educational Concierge at Fundaciones' Montego Bay location.

Always calm and equipped with her plan of action, Danielle's excellent organizational skills along with her belief in customer service make her not only an extraordinary team leader but also earns her much respect from all stakeholders. Danielle continues to drive the centre towards success and is considered by many as results-oriented, kid-friendly and funny.

Stefanie Hamilton
Acting Educational Concierge, Kingston

Stefanie's calm yet persuasive demeanor keeps everyone on their feet, from parents to teachers to children. Initially a Human Resources agent, Stefanie is managing the balancing act at El Centro and continues to show her "get it done" attitude day after day.


El Centro - 8 Hillcrest Avenue, Kingston 6
Phone: (876) 927-9884
Mobile: (876) 820-8386

Montego Bay

Unit #16, Bogue City Centre, Bogue, St James
Phone: (876) 971-0476
Mobile: (876) 369-16886