Primary Programme

The Bilingual Early Childhood Programme

The Primary Programme

if you’re still wondering why and how we’re different, here are a few reasons:

- “We hop, skip, jump and RUN”

In June 2017 we introduced The Daily Mile, an initiative out of the United

Kingdom, that encourages children to walk, jog, run and move for a total of fifteen minutes daily. The premise is that it takes about fifteen minutes to run a mile and according to studies, children who are more physically active perform better academically.

-“We talk di tings”

The WIFLE (What I Feel Like Expressing) is an opportunity for our children to say one thing that’s on their minds without judgment from anyone (not classmates and not teachers).

- “We are mindful”

Mindfulness is a relatively new concept and one we’ve been having a bit of fun with. We like opportunities to just be, to lay, sit and /or be still so that we can pay attention to all that we are seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling.

- “We are grateful.”

For us, gratitude is high on the agenda and not just saying thanks when we are in receipt of something or because it’s the polite thing to do but because we encourage the belief that the more things we express gratitude for multiplies and gives us more things and experiences that we are grateful for.

- “We are hands-on”

Content can be boring, so we try to look and listen for students’ interests and provide opportunities for them to learn more about what grabs their attention. So field trips are a must and so are visitors, videos and special visits to our classes and schools.

- “We really believe in a 21st century education and like the new National Standards Curriculum and it allows.”