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The 2015 Giving Paper

It's that time of year when we show everyone how compassionate and creative our children are.

For the 7th consecutive year, children across the island (this time in four different parishes) entered their drawings in Fundaciones' Annual Christmas Drawing Challenge. The successful participant...


Throwing It "Back" To School

I'm an 80s child who grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. That means that Back To School was dreaded. If there are any Jamaicans reading this, you must have a slight clue! Come on, do the phrases "wash out," "herb tea," or "worm medicine" ring a bell? I know you remember it like it was yesterday.   ...


"Oh, The Things Kids Do"

Another Fundaciones child has showcased compassion, demonstrated teamwork and acted with love. A few weeks ago we shared details about 5 year old Fundaciones PreKindergarten student Elijah Cunningham who was in the midst of rallying support along with his classmates and teacher for a family of ten ...